Friday, September 12, 2008

Well here is a little break down on what is going on in our life . Reny Started a new job with Scientific Drilling, which he loves.Every one asks me if it is hard having him gone for half the year. Look at it this way when he worked 9-5 he would get home and be exhausted and then on the weekends we would try to cram as much family stuff in as we could .Now he is gone for 3-4 weeks and home and completely free to do what we wont for 2-3 weeks . So I actually really like it most of the time .I do have to say that towards the end of his hitch I really really start to miss him . He is my soul mate and I don't know what I would do with out him. I am so blessed to have someone in my life that thinks the same way I do and Likes what I like and is such an amazing Father and husband ,and for all of you who know him a great friend! So enough of the mushy stuff .Allyena is busy as always , she is in the school play Hello dolly ,Plays on a boys accelerated soccer team,Made show choir at her school,takes Hula,and is on the team,and piano. And still maintains an A average .Oh and she is 1 inch shorter than me. Were did this girl come from she amazes me every day. And of course she is my right hand to which I thank the lord every day for her. Braxton is becoming busy er every day to . He plays soccer,football,takes hula and is on the team,and manages to build Lego sets of like 200 pieces all the time . This is his Passion.And always manages to melt my heart with his big brown eyes ,I hope he always wants to snuggle with his mommy. Cadence or aka Kitty is full of energy, she just started Kindergarten and is in full day and rides the bus with the other kids.She also plays soccer and takes hula and team . Her Hula teacher says she is one of the most advanced kids at her age she has ever seen. She is our little princes and will always be daddy's little girl . Dakodah is now almost 18 months .We just finished throeing her LUAU it was awesome I think we figured we had around 500 people there . Her and her cousins had a blast. She is in everything and wont hold still. Always has a big sweet cheesy grin on her face and Laughs all day . I was truly blessed with a good baby. We all love her so much and she to is daddy's little Prince's .And as for me I am a little busy to as a taxi driver,cook,made,designated but changer and nose wiper,shopper,accountant,Babysitter to my niece and nephew,Teacher ,and some times I have time to do a little hair now and then. But I would not change it for the world ! I love being a mom and a wife. I'm having a blast at least when I have time to think about it I am . So that's the 411 on the Hew-Lens .We Love the Lord and we love each other and that is all we need.

Cadence and tyler Swinging away
Allyena,Justin ,and braxton are in that thing

Riding on the merry go round with aunti Darlean

Riding a tractor

Ally,Braxton,Justin,and Morgan on the first day of school

Kittys First Day Of Kindergarden.She if growing up to fast!